Product / Service #1

Agile Coaching, Teaching, Consulting.
Contract based (1099) Temp to Long Term independent Coaching and on-site Coaching and Leadership, and Training.
Training for Enterprise transformation to Agile – Increases Productivity, saves Time and Money, and publish releases sooner with less to no bugs/defects.
Independence gives flexibility to the Coach/Consultant who is able to travel to the Client site anywhere in the United States.
Remote, Real Time Coaching for teams – A great way to save on expenses and still get the engagement you need.


Product / Service #2

Quality Analytics and assessment – For businesses in the Hospitality and Travel industries.

Travel-able consultant can visit locations, facilities, and business around the United States to give feedback on Process Improvement, Error Correction, and generate solutions to issues within the business or facility.

Years of experience in the Maintenance, Service, and Food Service industries, give the consultant expertise in creating feedback and solutions to “fix” issues within most businesses or facilities.

RAM Quality Solutions specializes in Agile implementation and Quality Analysis

This is accomplished by Coaching, training, and implementing Agile Methodologies into Software Development and other industries that are specific to the company or business needs or requirements. The Agile Coach travels to the client as well as provides remote coaching and consulting in order to progress and maintain a successful Agile transformation or standardized environment.

The Quality Analysis is accomplished in a few ways using; Onsite observation and analysis of the service or company, it’s processes, staff, and service practices to gather data and generate detailed reports that provide recommendations to maintain the quality of a company or business.
Talking to appropriate staff or management to understand goals and intended progress for the company or business.

Provide anonymous feedback to give real time data to management from a Customer point of view.
Meetings with appropriate staff to discuss what improvements can be made.
Improve the bottom line by providing detailed recommendations on forwarding goals, making improvements or upgrades to services or facilities, and make positive changes within the Public eye to retain and increase Guest or Customer flow.

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