We are a Niche Business, specializing in two areas: Agile and Quality Assurance & Analysis.
Our goal is to help and improve your business or company.

Agile is the primary focus for our business. Our CEO and Founder is our primary Agile expert, Coach, Trainer, and Consultant with a multitude of certifications and many years of Coaching and Teaching and Consulting Agile to Govt. and Enterprise businesses.

We believe that employing the Agile Methodologies and practices, your business can improve it’s process, saving time, money, and making the overall workflow increase while decreasing defects and errors, while providing daily results and transparency throughout the product’s development life cycle.

Quality is our other Niche, where our goal is to closely observe, analyze, and make recommendations on how to better serve clients, increase or maintain the quality of your business, and thus your reputation. We provide on-site observation of facilities (Hotels, Airlines, Theme Parks, and other Travel or Hospitality services.) in order to provide proper feedback to staff so that policy, production, quality of service, and overall quality of the service can be maintained or increased.
We have over 20 years in the Maintenance, Property Management, and Quality Assurance fields, which gives us ample ability to find, report on, and recommend fixes and corrections, or improvements to any given Service or facility.
Our end goal is to provide your business or company or service with useful information to enhance, increase, or maintain it’s professionalism, and quality of product or service.
We believe that a focus on Quality on multiple levels can increase the bottom line of a business or service.

Our independence allows us the freedom to travel to the client or consult remotely given the needs of a business, team, or process.