Starting in November 2011, our company has grown into specialization of Agile Coaching & Training, Quality Analysis, and Process Improvement of other company services and products.

When we began, we provided general consulting services; however, over time we have developed into a specialized niche business providing expertise in Agile Coaching and Training, Quality Analysis, and Process Improvement to other businesses and companies in the IT and Service Industries, specifically Travel and Hospitality.

We created a business focused on Quality Solutions in order to help other businesses or companies maintain or provide for their quality standards. We provide detailed feedback to companies who are not living up to their reputations and can benefit from improvements in quality and/or processes.

We are a small consulting company currently consisting of two people offering Agile Coaching & Training, Quality Analysis and Process Improvement solutions and services. We have remained a small business because it provides flexibility and anonymity towards providing the necessary feedback that larger companies need. In the area of Agile Coaching & Training, remaining small allows us the independence and flexibility of travel to or for the client wherever we are needed.